An Epiphany on Kindness

This note comes from Saidie MacDonald, one of the Day Makers participating in our virtual global event:

[It] took me a few days to understand why I wished to be a part of this happening. Got it this morning..If every morning upon waking I asked myself what act of kindness to others does the Universe have in store for me today? I then let the experience present itself how ever it may and when I act upon the opportunity then I have set in place a change in my consciousness. I f I continue doing this for the month then this kindness towards others will have become a normal waking thought pattern & acting out each opportunity would create a domino effect since this is the way of the Universe. If in fact the 100 th. monkey philosophy is reality, then..YEAH! Consciousness everywhere heightened to a higher vibration. How is that for a ground hog day epiphany?