Q: What is 28 Days of Kindness?

A: 28 Days of Kindness is a global virtual event, taking place in February (with resources that can be used all year long). It's a reminder to do a kind act or a good deed for a friend or a stranger. It's also an acknowledgement of all the kindness there is in the world.

Q: How can I get in involved?

A: You can join us through our virtual interactive event, taking place on Facebook. We'll be posting daily through this event with cool ideas, quotes and stories centered around the art of giving what you can, which will always lead to something more.

You can also hashtag your good deeds on Twitter, using #28dayskind when you talk about our event, or something awesome that you did. We really want to see some good activity taking place around the world.


Q: What are some quick ideas of kind deeds that I can do?

A: Okay, we'll give you 5 quick ones to get you started. (1) Pick up the phone and call one of your relatives that you think of often but isn't on Facebook. Let them know you were thinking of them and that you love them. (2) The next time you're in line at your favorite coffee shop, ask for a $5 gift card with your order. Then, when the cashier tries to hand you the card, ask him to use it for the next person in line. (3) Send flowers to a friend that you appreciate. (4) Text a family member or a friend and simply say "just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you, have a nice day!" (5) If you have extra time on your parking pass, pay it forward to the next person parking.


Q: Do I have to do an act of kindness for all 28 days?

A: You can do as many good deeds as you're comfortable with. Set a reasonable goal that works for you, and then go for it. More important than the quantity is the act itself and the positive impact you can have on someone else.