When you give, you feel good, and the person who receives feels good too.

Joining us is easier than ever.

Simply click the link to the right, entitled "Join Our Event on Facebook." This will take you to our Facebook global virtual event page. This is a public event, so you can join and then invite your friends to get in on the action.

Through our Facebook event page, we'll be posting daily throughout the month of February easy good deeds that you can do, as well as inspirational stories from all over the world to keep you motivated.

We'll also be highlighting your good deeds too. Help us stay connected to you and what you're doing by engaging with us on Facebook, and also by using the hashtag #28dayskind on Facebook and Twitter to talk about your good deeds.

We love that you're joining us on this journey. We look forward to hearing from you, and also to making this an annual event. Cheers!